Read It: 3/28

Check out these articles from this past week!person-310799_640

Piper on Emotional Blackmail in the Church: This is a short but powerful article.

Adam4d has published some comic gold this week. Check out How to Get Endorsed By Oprah as a Christian Writer or Speaker and What Jesus Looked Like.

Tattoos for the Soul: Joe Thorn explains why we need confessions of faith. Here’s an excerpt:

Because I love God, I love his word. And because I love God and his word, I love theology. And because I love theology, I love confessions of faith. To know God is to believe who he has revealed himself to be in Christ, to rest in his grace, and to obey him in faith. In all of this, we are dependent on the Holy Scripture, and are compelled to affirm and articulate the truths revealed therein. This is where confessions of faith play a vital role in the spiritual health of the Christian and the local church.


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