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Read It: 2/14

person-310799_640Check out these articles from this past week!

Here’s a goofy post from Stephen Altrogge about what would happen¬†If All the Bible Translations Had a Dinner Party.

3 Female Ghosts That Haunt the Church: A thoughtful post from Jen Wilkin about 3 views of women that prohibit effective ministry between men and women in the local church.

Valentine the Brave: R. C. Sproul Jr. writes,

A godly husband, then is not one who four times a year takes up the aggravating task of trying to be relational, in order to keep his wife from getting grumpy. Instead a godly husband is tasked with the constant call of communicating his love and commitment to his wife. This is not a few days a year, but every day.

6 Puzzles About Christian Happiness: Why is Christian happiness so alien to the rest of the world? Quoting Jeremiah Burroughs, David Murray provides an answer.

10 Questions on Dating with Matt Chandler:¬†Whether you’re single, dating, or married, this post is well worth your time.